Monday, May 10, 2010

Professional Editing & Proofreading is a must for your book

Whether you have recently completed your first manuscript, or whether you have had a number of books published in the past, you may be wondering if professional editing and proof reading is really necessary.

You should not even consider sending your manuscript to an agent or a publisher without it first being checked by someone who is experienced in fine-tuning written material. All of the little errors may not be noticeable to you, but they will be easily caught by the eye of a professional.

One reason for this is that it takes an experienced eye to catch every error. It is equally important, however, for your manuscript to be viewed by someone who has not yet seen it. This fresh look will not only help flaws to be more obvious, it will also bring out the most positive aspects of your manuscript.

Both of these points are best found through the assistance of a professional. Even the most well-intentioned friend, or the avid reader in your family, cannot bring this amount of experience and expertise to your work. This affordable proof reading and editing service will get the job done correctly and promptly.

Affordability is an important factor to most writers. You will be glad to find this service is reasonably priced. Your fiction or non-fiction manuscript will be in expert hands without taking a toll on your budget. What this means for you is you have no reason to think about cutting corners and risking a less-than-professional job. Your expenses will stay down while your manuscript is primed for submission.

When an agent begins reading a manuscript, he does not want to see a work-in-progress. Even the smallest mistakes can lead an agent to decide against reading any further. These mistakes are often overlooked by the writer. Every spelling and typing error will catch the attention of your proof reader. When editing is done, nothing is left to chance. Your manuscript will arrive at the agent or publisher fresh, clean, and error-free.

You have already put your time and hard work into your writing. Professional editing will give your manuscript the edge it needs for acceptance.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Affordable Editing Services

Fast, accurate editing and proofreading with quotes starting from $100 per 25,000 words. Example: a 75,000 word manuscript for approximately $300. Editor: Erin Potter, a college-trained, professional writer/editor with more than 15 years experience in communications/publishing. For a quote and a sample edit, please submit a 3-5 page manuscript sample in a Word document format.

Shamrock Editing Recommendations/Reviews

As a writer, the hardest part is "letting go of your manuscript" for others to edit or proof read. I have always found this a stressing time. But that has now all changed, Erin has taken my manuscript, carefully molded it into the story I love...

Communication was excellent and I did not feel "left out" of the process...

I would highly recommend her to do any work at all on your precious manuscripts with total faith in her abilities. I will use her services from now on. I'm so glad I found her talents!

Julie Hodgson