Thursday, June 18, 2009

Affordable Editing Services

Fast, accurate editing and proofreading with quotes starting from $100 per 25,000 words. Example: a 75,000 word manuscript for approximately $300. Editor: Erin Potter, a college-trained, professional writer/editor with more than 15 years experience in communications/publishing. For a quote and a sample edit, please submit a 3-5 page manuscript sample in a Word document format.

Shamrock Editing Recommendations/Reviews

As a writer, the hardest part is "letting go of your manuscript" for others to edit or proof read. I have always found this a stressing time. But that has now all changed, Erin has taken my manuscript, carefully molded it into the story I love...

Communication was excellent and I did not feel "left out" of the process...

I would highly recommend her to do any work at all on your precious manuscripts with total faith in her abilities. I will use her services from now on. I'm so glad I found her talents!

Julie Hodgson